Investec – 100 Grayston Drive

A full revamp of the Investec JHB Offices located in Sandton has been underway. The Controls of all Underfloor FCU’s, AHU’s, Meeting Rooms and Plantrooms have been upgraded. The new NSB8000 Series sensors have been used in all the meeting rooms to ensure the latest technology is used, while ensuring the rooms are aesthetically appeasing.

Times Square Casino, Hotel and Arena

A Johnson Control BMS is installed at Times Square Casino.
Managing the HVAC, Energy and Hotel rooms. The Hotel Rooms have our new state of the art LCD Wall Thermostat installed providing an excellent guest experience.


University Of Botswana

ATBRO Systems have multiple systems installed at various buildings on the campus in Gaborone.

From thermal energy storage control to occupancy control, there is a BMS monitoring system.

Proven to be highly efficient ATBRO are proud to be part of the campus.


University of the Free State

A Johnson Controls BMS is installed at the campus to monitor and control all buildings on the campus.

Controls have been installed for Chillers, AHU’s, Heat Pumps and Hostel Heaters just to name a few.

All energy management is done via the installed BMS and has proven to be extremely efficient and effective.


SABC Auckland Park

A Building Management System by ATBRO Systems has been installed at SABC for over 25 years. Proving reliability of controls and backward compatibility for management software, SABC is a prime example of sustainability.